Code of Conduct

USC Code of Conduct

  • Treat other members as you would like to be treated – with courtesy and respect.  Be aware of what is going around you on the ice. Do your best to share the ice and ensure the safety and well-being of all skaters.
  • Skaters in private lessons have the right of way during all sessions. Skaters should also be aware when solo programs and dances are being played. Spins should be practiced in the centre of the ice.
  • Skaters should keep moving on the ice. If talking or socializing, skaters should move off the ice or to the boards at the ends of the ice.
  • Skaters will not consume food or drinks, or chew gum on the ice. However, skaters may keep a beverage on the boards if it is in a closable, plastic container. Glass containers are not allowed.
  • Profane language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at any time.
  • Skaters must wear appropriate clothing on the ice. Close-fitting items in stretchable fabrics are recommended. Hair accessories (bobby pins, clips, etc.) must be securely fastened into the hair.
  • Using headphones and personal audio players on the ice is not recommended. If it is necessary, only one ear bud may be used and the volume should be kept at a low level.
  • Personal items left by the ice surface or in the dressing rooms after sessions will be placed in the Lost and Found box in the USC locker. Items not claimed by the end of the season may be disposed of or donated to charity.
  • The Club is not responsible for valuables left in the dressing rooms.
  • Vandalizing the property of the University Skating Club, Varsity Arena, the University of Toronto or personal property is not acceptable and will not be tolerated at any time.

Guest Rules

  • Guest skaters must show proof of Skate Canada membership and pay the guest fee before going out on the ice.
  • Guests may skate subject to space available on the ice.
  • Guests are subject to the Code of Conduct mentioned above.
These rules form part of the Bylaws of the University Skating Club as referenced in our Constitution and application form.

USC News

Great news! University Skating Club is in the process of organizing a new season in January 2022 on Saturdays.

Please stay tuned to our website and future emails from the board as we work to confirm details for Saturday skating sessions.