Code of Conduct

University Skating Club  Code of Conduct 2023


The Purpose of this Code of Conduct is to outline the expectations of the University Skating Club (USC) to provide a safe  sport environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity in an environment valuing diversity, equity and inclusion.


  1. To prevent or correct practices that are unjustly discriminatory.
  2. Avoid public criticism of any individual including online (emails and social media) and when necessary use appropriate channels to communicate concerns.
  3. Refrain from any behaviour that constitutes harassment which is defined as negative comments or conduct directed towards an individual which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious, or bullying which is a form of personal harassment and includes physical or verbal abuse that occurs once or repeatedly. Review Skate Canada Position Statement on Bullying. 
  4. Comply at all times with USC bylaws, policies, procedures rules and regulations as adopted and amended from time to time.

Board and Committee Members

In addition to above responsibilities, members are expected to:

  1. Be aware of any conflicts of interest.
  2. Respect and support all decisions made by the Board whether or not they may have had a dissenting opinion.
  3. Maintain confidentiality on all matters discussed during meetings except as disclosed in the minutes.


In addition to above responsibilities, coaches are to:

  1. Deliver coaching services in a safe and professional manner.
  2. Understand that a coach becomes the base coach of a skater from the moment that the skater contracts that coach and that other coaches must initiate discussion about training only through the base coach.
  3. Be a positive role model and demonstrate respect, courtesy, honesty, integrity and fairness.
  4. Create and maintain cooperative relationships with coaching colleagues for the purpose of ensuring a positive training environment for skaters.
  5. Refrain from criticizing other coaches (teaching methods, techniques, opinions, assessments etc.)
  6. Respect the fact that a coach is responsible for the development of a skater from the moment that a skater/parent contracts the services of that coach.
  7. In team coaching situations all communication must be clear with precise guidelines for all coaching colleagues within the team.
  8. Respect other coaches’ relationships with their skaters/parents.


In addition to the responsibilities above:

  1. Dress in an appropriate manner.

Parents and Spectators

In addition to above responsibilities, parents and spectators should:

  1. Be respectful and supportive of all skaters, coaches, volunteers and staff.
  2. Encourage skaters to obey all rules and regulations, have respect for others and resolve any conflicts in an appropriate manner.

USC News

Our 2024 Winter ice season is now closed. Please check back in to our Programs page for our next 2024-2025 season.