University Skating Club Schedule & Brochure

The skating season 2022 is now over. Please check back in next year for updated programs and details.

For those new to the club or who are interested in joining us, please see below for a general look at the type of sessions we offered for the previous year and information on the registration process.

Please contact us at with any questions you may have.

University Skating Club Program

Saturday 1 and 2 descriptions are to be used as guidelines only. If you have questions about your qualifications or session requirements, please email us.  Please note, the University Skating Club reserves the right to cancel or reschedule sessions.

How to Register

*Updated brochures and programs will be posted and published before the start of the skating season.

We accept cheques and Credit Card on Uplifter.

  • To pay by cheque:

Make cheques payable to University Skating Club and write your phone number on the front of the cheque by mail or in person. If by mail, mail to:

USC Treasurer
3 Delwood Drive
Scarborough, ON

Note that a $25 NSF admin fee will be levied on all NSF cheques.

  • To pay by credit card:

Click on the button below to register on Uplifter. To sign up for programs on Uplifter for the first time, you must have an account or will first need to create an account on the platform to access our registration page.

USC Winter Skating Sessions 2022

Saturday 1                                   

Intended for skaters who have completed Canskate  level 6, Junior Blues level 5 or Adult Beginners (over 16 years of age, beginner group lesson as needed).  A 15 min basic skating skills lesson is included at the beginning of each session but not meant to replace private lessons, according to individual skater interest and skill.                                  

Helmets for Basic Skating Skills Participants:
All CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 (as determined by a USC coach) must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet while on any USC session in accordance with Skate Canada policy. Helmets with stickers of any kind applied to them are not acceptable per Skate Canada  policy.

Saturday 2                                      

Intended for skaters 16 years and above (with basic skating skills or above) or younger skaters having passed at least one test at the Junior Bronze level or above (Star equivalent) or interested in Dance. A 15-minute group lesson at beginning of each session is included. A second group lesson for a fee may be offered if interest warrants.

Bonus incentive:                                                       

Those skaters with Sun 2 skill level may join both Sat 1 and Sat 2 at a combined reduced rate.

Saturday 3                                     

Same as Saturday 2 – no group lesson, but a 15-minute programmed dance time is included.

  • Freeskate Practice   (first 45 minutes)                                
  • Dance Practice (last 15 minutes; no jumping)                   

Bonus incentive:                                                       

Those skaters with Sat 2 skill level may join both Sat 2 and 3 at a combined reduced rate.

Guest Skating

Guest skaters are welcome on our sessions, but skaters must be a current member of Skate Canada and guest fees must be paid before the session starts.   

Individual Guest session (all prices will be per single session):

  • Sat 1 Guest           
  • Sat 2 Guest           
  • Sat 3 Guest           

Combined Guest (all prices will be for combined sessions):

  • Sat 1 + 2 + 3 Guest
  • Sat 1 + 2 Guest
  • Sat 2 + 3 Guest

USC News

The University Skating Club is now closed. Please stay tuned to our Programs page for information on next year's 2022-23 skating season.