Our Professional Coaching Staff

Winter 2024

Private lessons are available from the following list of coaches. Lessons are generally 15 minutes long and arranged directly with the coach. Fees vary depending on the qualifications and experience of the coach. Feel free to click on the coach’s name for more information where available.

Please contact the USC Coaches’ Liaison if you have any questions or concerns.

Choosing a Coach

Coaches are able to teach all skating disciplines; most also have areas of specialization. It is up to each member to make an individual choice, to select the coach or coaches who will best meet their skating needs at the time, and whom they will be comfortable working with.

As with any other professional relationship, there are some matters of etiquette to observe:

1.  You should feel free to discuss your needs and interests with several coaches before choosing one. Similarly, as stated above, coaches fees do vary, and it is quite proper to discuss fees beforehand.

2.  If you cannot attend a scheduled lesson, you should advise the coach at least 24 hours in advance. Coaches may charge for lessons not cancelled in advance.

3.  If you wish to change coaches, you must advise both present and prospective coaches of your intent. Coaches, as professionals, understand that your needs may change, but they do not wish to appear to have solicited students from others.

4.  It is up to the coach and student to exchange personal contact information with one another and communicate with each other on any absences, lessons, replacements, or payment arrangements.  The club is not responsible for the communication between both the coach and the student, and will not disclose any personal information for confidentiality purposes.

USC News

Our 2024 Winter ice season is now closed. Please check back in to our Programs page for our next 2024-2025 season.