USC Skating Etiquette 2023


1. Treat employees and visitors of Varsity Centre and Mattamy Athletic Centre with respect.

2. Be courteous to other skaters, coaches, judges, board members, parents, rink employees, and visitors at all times.

3. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

4. Show consideration for coaches and other skaters involved in lessons during a session. A private lesson should not be interrupted by another skater or any other person unless there is an emergency.

5. Promote the wellbeing of fellow skaters by positive encouragement or by reporting any unhealthy or dangerous conduct to coaches, board members or parents.

6. No food or gum should be taken on the ice. Plastic or metal bottles are acceptable, but must be left at the boards. Glass bottles are not permitted.

Ice Etiquette

1. Arrive on time for your sessions allowing time to warm up and stretch before going on the ice to prevent injuries.

2. CanSkate lessons will be limited to about 1/4 of  the ice surface at the opposite end of the  rink from the zamboni  using pylons going across the rink at the level of the upper red line part of the circle which is closest to centre ice (when other programs are on the ice at the same time). For the first 5 minutes and last 15 minutes of the session, the CanSkate coach can lead skaters around a “fast circuit” close to the boards.

3. Look both ways when leaving the boards.

4. Keep moving, being aware of other skaters at all times. There may be different levels of skaters sharing the ice at the same time and neither is more important than the other.

5. Spins are best practiced in the centre of the ice.

6. The following right of way order is to ensure the safety of all skaters and coaches.

  • 1st Priority: Skater skating his or her program with music.
  • 2nd Priority: Skater in a coached lesson.
  • 3rd Priority: Skater in a spin or jump entrance.

Music Priority

  1. Assessments
  2. Lessons
  3. First come, first served

USC News

Registration for our 2024 Winter ice season is now open. Please visit our Programs page for session details and brochure!