Do I need a helmet?

All CanSkate participants up to and including Stage 5 (as determined by a USC coach) must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet while on any USC session in accordance with Skate Canada policy.

What are the age categories for the skating sessions?

While USC is a skating club oriented towards adults, we welcome kids ages 10 and above to register provided that all the necessary supervision, coaching and helmet conditions are met. As a guideline, Non-CanSkate is intended for skaters of all ages who have completed Canskate level 6, Junior Blues level 5 or Adult Beginners that are over 16 years of age, while CanSkate is a learn to skate session for ages 4 & up.

Do you provide any rentals?

Unfortunately, University Skating Club does not offer rentals for skates or helmets. All skaters are responsible for bringing their own skating equipment.

How do I get a coach? How much do lessons cost?

University Skating Club is staffed with qualified coaches who are registered with Skate Canada. To get setup with a coach, you can view their bio page to see what qualifications and discipline they offer lessons for. You can reach out and get in touch with the coach to discuss your skating level and abilities.

Lessons are usually 15 minutes long and though it is up to the coach on how much they charge, the price ranges between $10-$18 and is paid directly to the coach. You can learn more about our roster of figure skating coaches and more details on how to choose the right coach.

What are the fees I am being charged?

When registering as a USC member, you are charged certain fees at the beginning of the year. The major fees are described below:

  • Session fee: The fee that allows a skater to skate on a specified session for the duration of the skating season.
  • USC administration fee: An annual fee charged by the club for administration and processing applications.
  • Skate Canada fee: An annual fee required by Skate Canada from all skaters joining a Skate Canada sanctioned figure skating club. This fee registers you with a Skate Canada number and membership that is valid for one year.
  • Guest skate fee: The fee required to skate on an individual skating session, for which the skater has not paid the seasonal Session Fee. Skaters who are not USC members must be registered with Skate Canada in order to guest skate with USC. Fees should be paid before the session starts.
  • NSF cheque fee: If a cheque for registration fees does not clear, an NSF fee will be charged.
  • Post-dated cheque fee: The fee required to process all post-dated cheques.

What is STARSkate?

When learning to figure skate, you may have gone through CanSkate, a program for skaters to gradually learn, develop and build on general skating skills through different levels. STARSkate (Skills, Tests, Achievement and Recognition). STARSkate is the level after CanSkate. It teaches skaters specific figure skating skills that are tested and graded by STARSkate certified coaches. You will need to consult with coaches of your choice to see if they are certified to evaluate STARSkate skills.

What sort of clothes should I wear for skating?

We recommend that all skaters wear comfortable clothing that allow them to easily skate and move in. Note that while Varsity is an indoor arena, it can still become chilly while on the ice, so dress warm! In general, clothing can include, but is not limited to, leggings and sports pants, sweaters and/or zip up athletic sports jackets. Gloves and leg warmers are also highly recommended. Formal skating dresses or skirts aren’t required, but can be worn as well.

What kind of skates do I need? Where can I get them? How much do they cost?

All skaters require proper figure skates to skate on either session.  Popular figure skate brands include Jackson, Edea, Risport, GAM, and Riedell. They can be purchased from the Figure Skating Boutique where you will be properly sized and fitted. The store is located at:

109 Doncaster Ave.
Markham, Ontario
L3T 1L6

The price of figure skates will largely depend on your level. Generally, beginner level figure skates will be in the $190-$250 range and increases as your skating level increases.

Are there adult skating group lessons at USC?

Every year the University Skating Club offers free group lessons for registered skaters on both sessions with a qualified coach. No skating level is required to participate in group lessons, though each group lesson is catered to the overall level of the group. Please note that while we offer lessons each year, there is always the possibility of these lessons being cancelled if there are not enough interested skaters.

What is Skate Canada? Is USC part of Skate Canada?

Skate Canada is a non-profit figure skating organization  that governs all figure skating clubs in Canada.  For more information, you can visit the About Us page on the Skate Canada website. The University Skating Club is a sanctioned Skate Canada figure skating club and operates under all policies, rules and regulations instituted by the organization.

Do I need to be able to skate to join USC?

No. The University Skating Club welcomes all skating levels from absolute beginner to advanced. We highly recommended that beginner skaters with no experience sign up with a coach for lessons to learn proper skating technique and skill and to fully enjoy the experience of learning how to figure skate.

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